You are invited!

Distinguished Members of Emergency Medicine… Those enduring, self-sacrificing, loyal and courageous emergency medicine staff who have dedicated their knowledge, skills, souls and lives to emergency clinics, emergency patients and emergency cases …

You are courageous… You have been very courageous to say “the human organism is a whole and I am competent in all areas” in the most challenging field of medicine, to be beside people during their most difficult times, hold their hands, make self-sacrifices, in short “to be in the emergency”.

You have been loyal… You have never said “My shift is over”, “it’s time to sleep”, “it is weekend, I am on vacation or it’s the New Year’s Day” … Corridors were left empty, lights went off, doors were closed, vacation plans and reservations were made. Yet you continued to stay in the emergency service. You even laid your bed in the service in between two shifts. You have been loyal.

You have made self-sacrifices… You have dedicated your life to helping others live the lives God has given them and to saving lives. You have sacrificed your free time, rest, travel or time at home with children.

You have endured many things… You have toughed out administrators who repeat every day the cliché of “The emergency service is the showcase of a hospital and you are working in the showcase of our hospital” and then treating you as if “the emergency service is the warehouse or the backyard of a hospital or the exile place offering services to everybody”… You have fought against the windmills in order not to be imprisoned by the walls erected by your own colleagues. You have set off for work as the incarnation of the feeling of anything could happen anytime… You have served as bodyguards at the forefront in the healthcare system against serious efforts to defame physicians and healthcare staff rapidly, patients and relatives confront healthcare staff and are almost made enemies. You have endured.

Now you are invited!

It is our turn now… We invite you to the most important scientific organization of the year organized by ATUDER (EPAT), the only specialty association in Turkey for emergency medicine, in collaboration with 47 other associations that have pioneered the development of emergency medicine in the whole world based on many years of knowledge, know-how, expertise and skills and 15 institutions under its umbrella to organize this congress… You are invited to the 16th National Emergency Medicine Congress and 7th International Critical Care Congress between 5-8 November 2020 in Belek/Antalya…

In fact, it is for the 15th time that we organize this event for you and powered by you. This is such a significant and powerful experience for one of the youngest fields of medicine. It has been robust, very dynamic and innovative from the very first day… Yet it has become more inclusive, more holistic and larger as years have gone by … With our ideals, hopes and enthusiasm before us, we have grown with you, you have been beside us when we started to crawl, stood up, took the very first steps and then ran… The race for the top was only possible with you because we were you… We have climbed up to the top all together to see the “big picture”. When we looked down from the very top, we had a much better picture of the roads we have taken in the big picture. Those roads meant working hard, working very hard, there were steps taken in unity and solidarity, with determination and consistency. The roads leading to the top were covered with stones. Yet the journey to the top was even more fun and didactive than being at the very top.

Yes… Now you are invited! We are going all together to meet the most esteemed scientists in our field from Turkey and abroad, find out about innovations and new talents, learn, teach, reason and focus on science.

For ATUDER (EPAT), the real power is not in the giant leap made but in the robust stance taken. For this reason, “consistency” marks every single breakthrough that ATUDER (EPAT) makes. ATUDER (EPAT) set off also this year with the distinguished organizer ORKUN CAN. Orkun Can and ODET congress will walk together with us to organize this unique event and work hard together with us to make you happy.

And you are invited… To spend time and learn together, gain experience and of course enjoy ourselves at Kaya Palazzo Belek, Antalya, one of the biggest hotels in Turkey famous for its congress center between 5-8 November 2020… We are looking forward to seeing you there…

With love and respect…

Prof. Dr. Başar CANDER
President of ATUDER

Prof. Dr. Zeynep GÖKCAN ÇAKIR
Vice President of ATUDER




  • Abstract Submission Deadline:
    September 21, 2020